After passing the first-strict recruitment such as: physical appearance, curriculum vitae, awareness level, basic reaction skills …all applicants will be trained at Viet Nam Thang Long Sepre 24 Training Center.
Training time for new security guards: 02 months
The contents of training:

          Ø         Company’s Organization Structure.
          Ø         Company’s labor regulation
          Ø         Criminal law, civil law and labor law
          Ø         Basic martial arts
          Ø         Fire Preventing and Fire Fighting
          Ø         First Aid
          Ø         Communication skills
          Ø         English communication skills
          Ø         Movement regulation
          Ø         The moral sense of professional security guard
          Ø         Using security equipment & safety equipment.
          Ø         Basic security skills.
          Ø         Security skills for Sites’ specific characteristics.

Annual re-training time for old security guard: 02 weeks.
The content of training:
          Ø         Test the skills of security guards for detecting their weak-points.      Timely improve and better their skills.
          Ø         Upraise the security skills.
          Ø         Supplement security knowledge in order to catch up with market’s requirements.
          Ø         Using new & modern security equipment.
          Ø         Disseminate the current security situation and the ruses of crimes that are happening in society.

With the above training & re-training program, we believe that security guards who are provided to customers have been fully equipped with both virtuous characters and professional skills and they absolutely bring to customers a feeling of safeness.
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