Each company has a cultural background en suite and a different development orientation will lead to business successfully. In global business background, the competition it be stiff inclemency. So, on business world, the successful of company often has big differences with competitors. It is created the spectacularly breakthrough in business especially for trade-marks which already and is winning his spurs.      
VietnamThang Long Sepre.24 Security Service Ltd.,Co. actually acts on foundation of many differences that provide highest quality service for clients.
  1. Our company is very honored and proud of managers and premier experts in security fields. They are persons who belong generation found the security service in Viet Nam (1995-1996). With ditto squadron, we avouch to provide the best trained security guards for clients.   Supervising Management System is in most professionally operating.
  2. We are one of sparsely Security Companies in Viet Nam are applying quality management according to International Standards Organization (ISO 9001: 2000). Annually, Viet Nam top quality management companies will check the business management.           
  3. We are the partner of VNPT-SAIGON Insurance Company, besides, we also are partner of AON Insurance Advisory and Reinsurance Group (A United State’s Enterprise which ranked in 250/ 500 and is the big business on the world- chosen by Fortune Magazine in 2007).  Insurance types which have been performing:            
    • Fidelity Guarantee Insurance: compensation level is 250.000 USD (Two hundred and fifty thousand USD only)
    • Professional Indemnity & Public Liability Insurance: compensation level is VND (Three billion Viet Nam Dong) 
    • Personal Accidents Insurance for 24h/24h: equivalent compensation level is 30 months of employee’s salary  
    • National Insurance and Health Care Insurance are fully carried out according to law's ordinance.
  4. VNTL-SEPRE.24 is one of security companies in Viet Nam, in which, staffs will be paid with the highest salary and the best interests' policy.
  5. Theft fighting alarm and camera system gratuitous install availability. Within 12 hours, in case of needs, we will provide to clients with data information, images.
  6. Trade-union is founded in order to assure employee's benefit. It is made all employees will give their whole-heart and whole-soul to devoutly serve clients and work with long desired. 
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