Dear customers
When using services of Viet Nam Thang Long Sepre.24 security company. You will have tangible and intangible benefits which sometimes can only be seen in practical performance.  

    • Preventing customers from loss of property, life, trademark value and prestige, etc.
    • Customers can reduce much following expenses when using professional security service.
      • Training and recruiting expenses.
      • Indirect and direct managerial expenses
      • Uniform, supporting tools, stationeries.
      • Salaries and allowances
      • Social welfares, health insurance.
      • Overtime or night working expenses, holiday allowances.
      • Salary rise, senior expense.
      • Allowances for quitting job, job reduction, labor accident, etc.
    • We are willing to supply free service such as Instant Reaction Team, Supervising Team when security sites are in incident or customers have such events as inaugurations, exhibitions or conferences.
    • Our security guards are well-equipped with security facilities and other security systems to provide 24h/24h safety.
    • We are willing to compensate for damage of property if fault is of security force.
    • Customers can minimize human apparatus such as: managerial resources, security resources and other relating resources, etc.
    • All tasks of recruiting, training, human allocation, administration, surveillance are our responsibilities.
    • Our security services are flexible of time, human resources and expenses.
    • Security contract is commenced and terminated conveniently and quickly at customers’ request.
    • Security guards can be replaced immediately at any reason without binding to the contract.
    • Customers can go after operation of security situation through periodical and casual reports of security site leader.
    • Viet Nam Thang Long Sepre.24 security company always maintains good relation with local authorities, therefore we have quick support from local armed forces.
    • Spiritual benefits: professional security guards bring customers peach of mind even in working or relaxing.
    • Benefits of management: protecting customers’ property, establishing and maintaining order organization of enterprise.
    • Cultural benefits: security guards contribute to company culture of customers through daily communication, behaviors and service attitude.
    • Professional benefits: our security company is professional, therefore we have well-trained guards – professional performance – professional settlement.
    • Benefits of trademark: cooperating with Viet Nam Thang Long Sepre.24 security company customers’ trademark will be enhanced through trademark of Viet Nam Thang Long Sepre.24.

Viet Nam Thang Long Sepre.24 security company pledges to supply customers with experience, consultancy and most eminent security guards of security  market in Vietnam.


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